About Gree


    as led the world in household air conditioners for 14 consecutive years, and the commercial air conditioner has ranked 1st in the Chinese market for 8 consecutive years.

Household Users

According to the Nikkei newspaper, Gree’s global market share of residential air conditioners reached 20.6% in 2018, ranking No.1 in the world for 14 years. 

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Commercial Users

Gree has established 126 research institutions, 1,045 laboratories, 1 academician workstation (motor and control), one national key laboratory, one national engineering research center, one national industrial design center, one national recognized enterprise technology center, and one robotics engineering technology research center. 

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Home Appliances

   With 30 years of professional production experience for home appliances, it’s a home appliances manufacturing enterprise integrated with research, design, production and sales. Its accumulative investment exceeds RMB 250 million and the floor space is about 180 thousand square meters. Now, Gree home appliances covers rice cookers, electric pressure cookers, electric fans, electric heaters, induction cookers, electric hot pots, humidifiers, air purifiers, water purifiers, water dispensers, air coolers, disinfection machines and so on, with annual production capacity of over 6.5 million sets.  

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Industrial Product

Gree Industrial Products is the brand of core industrial components of Gree Electric Appliances, including Lingda compressor, Kaibang Electric motor, Singapore Electronics, Gree electric wire, Gree Precision mold, Gree Intelligent Equipment, Wuhu Precision casting, Lai Gao Precision valve and many other products.  

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