2018 Autumn Canton Fair | What you want, all here!
2018-10-15 10:00:00  source:Gree Industries

On Oct 15, “China First Exhibition”--2018 Autumn Canton Fair, known as the barometer of China’s foreign trade, was grandly held at China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou. It is reported that all the visitors were gearing up for showcasing numerous “ New Look” products during the expo, to capture the pulsation of our advanced technology in real time.


Gree Industries was very regular to present Landa Compressor, Kaibang Motor, Xinyuan Capacitor as well as Gree Electric and overall solution for New Energy Vehicle to the show. By virtue of the strong brand appeal and unique innovative technologies, our products have taken the fancy of the exhibitors on the scene.


Canton fair is not a boring product game, but a romantic drama of the talents andtalent scouts. For instance, Three-Cylinder Two-Stage Variable Displacement Inverter Compressor and R290 Fixed Speed Compressor, self-developed by Landa, were beloved by lots of guests.

Star Product


AC Heart——Compressor


Among them, Three-Cylinder Two-Stage Variable Displacement Inverter Compressor were getting increasingly popular and becoming the key focus in the event. Self R&D by Gree Landa, it is an innovative upgrade based on the first generation of two-stage enthalpy-increasing compressor technology, and also the world first dual-stage compression with variable volume ratio on a single compressor. 


At present, 66 invention patents have been applied and 11 patents have been granted for it, which is widely used in Central ACs (VRF Units),household ACs and other multi-series products. Equipped with this compressor,the Air Source Heat Pump can achieve stable operation in the wide temperature range of -35 ° C to 54 ° C. Furthermore, when the outdoor ambient temperature is as low as -25 ° C, the heating capacity of the heat pump is still not attenuated, which can effectively solve the two prominent problems: large minimum output of Household VRF Units and low load& efficiency.



There’s another product worth mentioning—Landa R290 Fixed Speed Compressor.The first impression is that the solid outer coat is wrapped with the core of energy saving and environmental protection, which coincides with the current "natural" green concept.Technically, it adopts R290 eco-friendly refrigerant, which is not only of high energy efficiency, but also has excellent thermodynamic properties, good oil solubility, and even a tenth of R22 in price. Besides, it owns the safety design of independent intellectual properties, to greatly insure thesafety& reliability of the compressor in material development. R290 Fixed Speed Compressor has integrated all kinds of advantages for high praise intechnology market. Currently, it has been authenticated by TUV and obtained the world first R290 AC VDE certification.


Power Source—— Motor


As a frequenter of each exhibition, motor has always been favored by the merchants.Undoubtedly, Kaibang Resign-Packed DC Motor was another star exhibit in this motor field. With the innovative chain-type plastic-sealing structure and slot optimization, the full-slot rate of the motor is up to 91%. Its new small-slot design features lower vibration and smoother output, adapting to various typesof blades. It has obtained 11 national patents for the moment and widely applicable to ACs, Air Purifiers, Heat Pump Water Heaters etc.




Start Pioneer——Capacitor


As the starting pioneer of the compressor and motor - capacitor is also an indispensable part of each expo. Independently developed by Gree Xinyuan, Metalized Film Capacitor CBB65 can be used in the extremely low temperature environment of -40°C, featuring the performances of high insulation resistance and excellent explosion-protection. Moreover, different with the common capacitors, it adopts vacuum thermal setting process, which is heated and shaped in the vacuum environment, with longer life and higher stability.


Metalized Film Capacitor CBB65


Best Auxiliary —— Electric Wire


Certainly, the attracting points of Gree Booth were further than that. Except for those star products, Gree Electric Wire should not be underestimated. It has won the admiration and consent of the customers relying on its wide variety, complete specifications and exquisite workmanship.


Times Darling——New Energy Vehicle


In recent years, energy-saving and emission-reduction has always been the theme of the times. Gree Industries aims for rollouting the overall solutions for new energy vehicle, which is committed to spreading the new environment-protection idea of “Making the sky bluer and earth greener”. The main exhibits comprising: main drive motor, inverter-resistant corona wire, auto capacitor, compressor for 9m electric bus and control panel for outdoor unit of Bus AC.

New Energy Vehicle

The main drive motor is compact with high efficiency, high power and high reliability. The peak power of the motor is 200kW, the peak torque is 2800Nm, and the max speed canreach 3000rpm.


R410A eco-friendly refrigerant is applied to 9m Electric Bus Compressor,with the refrigerating capacity of 13050W, input power of 4350W, displacement of 42.8, to be more energy-efficient.


That is exactly that empty talk endangers the nation, while practical work brings prosperity.Some enterprise without courage & innovation to face the markets will bedriven out eventually. Hence, Gree Industries has been devoted to creating a “real culture” of the enterprise, rushing at the forefront of technology, adhering tomarket-oriented, practicing to understand the business demands of customers, to promote the development of industrial technology and refresh the global user’s perception of “Made in China” with broader horizon and superior quality!