Gree Sparkling at Canton Fair with 2016 New Products

Beginning from October 15, the 120th session of China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) is held in Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou. Gree shows a variety of GREE, KINGHOME and TOSOT products at the fair.

Gree’s booth is divided into three key display zones: Gree Smart Home, Gree Kitchen Appliances, New Products (Rose Series Ⅱ and Crown Series). Meanwhile, other products such as the compressor of magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller, industrial products, KINGHOME refrigerators are also displayed.

In the display zone of Gree Smart Home, Gree new products Lead Royal series, Shell air conditioner with voice control function and Painting Era air conditioner have caught plenty of attention from the visitors. By adopting three-cylinder two-stage compressor of variable volume ratio, Lead Royal air conditioner is capable of reliable heating at ultra-low ambient temperature; Shell air conditioner reaches Inverter Energy Efficiency Class Ⅰ and is listed in energy efficiency “leaders”. Both of these two conditioners have voice control function, attracting many visitors to experience this function. Moreover, the body thickness of Painting Era air conditioner is only 11.2cm and its panel can be customized to family photo, wedding photo, etc. On the spot, visitors can also experience WiFi smart control of Gree air conditioners through Gree smart phone.

In the display zone of Gree Kitchen Appliances, Gree kitchen air conditioner and IH rice cooker becomes the highlight. Gree kitchen air conditioner is specially designed for kitchen, featuring strong filtration of fumes and humanized air supply. IH rice cooker adopts induction heating, making each bite of rice tasty. Visitors can try the sushi using rice cooked by Gree IH rice cooker. They all think highly of the rice after trying.

In the display zone of New Products, Rose Series Ⅱ brings a romantic atmosphere to Gree booth. Its rose appearance and integrated and concealed dual air outlets create a sense of beauty as well as a balanced temperature field. At another side of this display zone, I-Crown Ⅱ stands composedly and elegantly. It reaches Inverter Energy Efficiency Class Ⅰ and features 140°embracing air supply.

Beside the above-mentioned three key display zones, other products such as the compressor of magnetic bearing centrifugal chiller, industrial products, KINGHOME refrigerators are also displayed. The magnetic bearing centrifugal compressor adopts magnetic bearing technology. Its IPLV is up to 12.06, reaching “Internationally Leading” level. Gree industrial goods are independently developed by Gree, some of them are the core components of air conditioner. Instant freezing technology of KINGHOME refrigerator is also a focus. Instant freezing to the food in -7℃ can protect the original structure of food as well as maintain its nutrition.

Canton Fair is a comprehensive international trade fair in China that has the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete varieties, the most attendance and the best transaction effect. As the leading company in global air conditioning industry, Gree always shows a new manifestation of “Made in China” on this world trade stage with its core technologies and superior products.