TOSOT Launch Conference Grandly Held in Mexico

On Sep. 23, right after AHR Expo-Mexico from Sep. 20 to 22, TOSOT Launch Conference was held grandly at the InterContinental Hotel in Cancun, Mexico.

TOSOT agent had prepared a signing wall with a green tree on a red background, which means that based on Gree core technologies, TOSOT tree will grow steadily in Mexico. Although only 40 guests attended the conference, we hoped that the dealers who had signed on the leaves would irrigate and fertilize the TOSOT tree to make it grow into a towering tree!

In the conference, Mr. Tomintat, General Manager of TOSOT Mexican agent, explained the reason why he chose TOSOT, which was for Gree’s technologies and company culture. from China.

The representative from Gree headquarters also delivered a speech, hoping to cooperate with all TOSOT Mexican dealers for promoting not only the residential inverter air conditioners, but also the commercial air conditioners such as commercial inverter multi VRF and photovoltaic multi VRF. Besides, the representative from Gree headquarters also hoped that Gree’s full range of products, including refrigerators, home appliances and even new-energy automobiles, would be promoted in Mexico in TOSOT brand, to reach a triple-win situation among Gree headquarters, Mexican TOSOT agent and local TOSOT dealers.

Later, local dealers raised various questions. Local television station also reported this event, showing Mexicans’ great attention on TOSOT from China.

After the conference, a cocktail party was held for further communication, so that all guests could know more about Gree, know more about TOSOT and start to fall in love with Chinese-made TOSOT air conditioners.