Brand 5.0: “Serve the World”
“Made in China, Loved by the World”

It has long been Gree’s lofty ambition to represent “Made in China”, rebuild the image of “Made in China” and promote Chinese self-developed brands go globally genuinely. Gree’s target is never limited to the expansion of overseas market, but more importantly lies in leading “Made in China” going out with superior product quality and high-end technology, finally achieves brand going out, enabling Gree technology and product to serve the world. Made in China, Loved by the World!

Brand 4.0: “Undertake Responsibility”
“For the Clearer Sky and Greener Earth”

Having established specific brand foundation, Gree focused on strengthening social responsibility, further expanded quality connotation and sublimated enterprise responsibility towards country, society and human. With a grand vision of “promoting national industrial image, protecting global environment and creating comfortable living space”, Gree proposed a brand slogan of “For the Clearer Sky and Greener Earth”, which is quite impressive to global consumers.

Brand 3.0: “Leading in Science and Technology”
“Gree, Master of Core Technologies”

Based on independent technological innovation, in this phrase Gree overcame core technologies of kinds of products continually, with product function, shape and performance improved comprehensively. Under the slogan of “Gree, Master of Core Technologies”, its superior products took the leap in domestic home appliances industry, thus Gree started to go globally.

Brand 2.0: “Quality Takes Priority”
“Making Better Air Conditioners”

In the middle of 1990s, at the preliminary stage of brand building, Gree was committed to building an image of high quality and reliability. As a large number of products with exceptional quality were launched into the market, under the slogan of “Making Better Air Conditioners” and “Gree for High Quality”, Gree gained the unanimous recognition of consumers, successfully built a high-quality brand image of “Better Air Conditioners”.

Brand 1.0: “Turbo Cooling”
“Gree Creates Much Sales Chance”

At the beginning of foundation, Gree particularly focused on continuous upgrading of product quality and put forward a slogan of “Gree Creates Much Sales Chance”. With superior product quality and turbo cooling characteristic, Gree was favored by consumers, standing out from domestic air conditioning market.